Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets

Many of my customers come into Flooring Solutions with one aim in mind, to buy a wool carpet. Sure, wool carpets look great especially in rooms you want to show off such as living areas, but wool carpets can be expensive and they are not the best choice for families with young children or pets.

Recently I have been pointing out the many benefits of solution dyed nylon and frankly a lot of my customers love it for its hard-wearing practicality and resistance to every day spills and stains.

The main difference between plain old nylon and solution dyed nylon is in the yarn colouration process. With solution dyeing, pigment is added to the polymer melt before the fibre is extruded into yarn. The colour, therefore, is an inherent part of the yarn itself and although solution dyeing may not offer as wide a colour selection as other dye methods, its colours are the most permanent.  This makes fading from the harsh Australian sun virtually impossible. Colour loss from abrasive cleaning agents is also highly unlikely.  For those concerned about chemicals and the environment, the solution dyeing process itself is eco-friendly and efficient, using little water or energy.

Good-quality nylon carpets can now mimic the luxurious look of wool, but unlike wool, nylon carpets offer stain protection and additionally the non-porous fibre can resist odours. Solution dyed carpet is very resistant to wear and tear, so it keeps its appearance for a very long time. All this is great news for those with active families or pets.

So what is stain protection? Stain protection is a treatment that is applied to the carpet during manufacture for the purpose of repelling stains and soiling. Think sticky fingers, food spills, drink disasters and muddy boots or paws!! Stain protection gives you extra peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Statron Solution Dyed Nylon2 Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets

Statron Solution Dyed Nylon

When considering solution dyed nylon, there are four manufacturers/wholesalers I recommend:

  • Redbook Carpets , owned by Feltex, offer a large selection of styles and a stunning range of the latest colours. Every Redbook carpet is manufactured with an effective stain fighting treatment, exclusively patented to make cleaning up easier and help your carpet looking like new.
  • Signature Floorcoverings is a leading wholesaler of residential and commercial floor coverings in Australia. Their philosophy is Quality. Style. Inspiration. All Signature Floorcoverings products are rigorously tested prior to introduction to market to meet strict Australian Standards. They are manufactured to the highest level by some of the largest manufacturers in the world, providing a huge range of stylish, niche floor covering products.
  • Beaulieu Australia is the country’s third largest carpet manufacturer and Australia’s premiere Environmentally Sustainable Design textile floor covering specialist. Beaulieu offer over 20 solution dyed carpets in their range. With exotic names such as Tuscan Sun and Mystic Isle you will be sure to find a carpet to suit from this pioneering manufacturer.
  • Godfrey Hirst is the largest carpet manufacturer in the southern hemisphere.   Statron® Solution Dyed Nylon offers complete consistency in colour as well as improved colourfastness against light. Pigment and polymer are mixed before extrusion, giving Godfrey Hirst the potential to create a palette of over 1,000,000 colour combinations.

So, next time you are considering carpet, don’t just think wool. Come in to my Brookvale showroom and ask about solution dyed nylon!

Tony Cagorski
 Flooring Solutions, Brookvale

Tony Cagorski has been selling carpets on Northern Beaches for over 25 years. What he doesn’t know about the flooring business isn’t worth knowing! As well as carpet, Flooring Solutions stocks a huge range of , vinyl, and bamboo.